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Tecnicas Reunidas CanadaRefining Basic Engineering

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TR Group has a long list of references covering Feasibility Studies, Basic Engineering and Process Units Validations in FEED projects either with own technology or technologies from Clients or Licensors. These activities are supported by the experience obtained from more than 50 years of Project execution in Refining, Chemistry and Energy areas.

The Chemical Engineering Department is the section of the Process, Licenses and Technology Unit that performs these activities. This Department also prepares the Process Calculation and Design Guides, develops and maintains the in-house software and manages process commercial software.

In Refineries, TR has experience in designing:

  • Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation.
  • Open art Hydrotreating of different fractions.
  • Fractionation.
  • Gas Recovery.
  • Amine Treating.
  • Sour Water Stripping.
  • Hydrogen Generation.
  • Utilities, Offsites, etc.

In the Natural Gas area, TR has experience in Storage, Vaporization and Transportation.

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