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The Heat Transfer Division is one of the leading Heat Transfer solution providers since 1965, with services including the design, supply and construction of heat transfer equipment for oil refineries, petrochemical plants, thermal solar units, nuclear power plants and other industrial facilities.

The equipment is designed to be highly efficient and supplied in compliance with the increasingly strict quality control and environmental requirements, tailored to each customer’s specific needs and process. TR has the capacity for both thermal & mechanical design including:

  • Process Fired Heaters.
  • Reformer Heaters.
  • HRSG.
  • Sulphur Recovery Unit Equipment (Incinerators, Thermal Reactors, Waste Heat Boilers, etc.).
  • Heat Exchangers & Air coolers.
  • Solar Steam Generators.
  • Nuclear Equipment (S&T, MSR, etc).
  • Special Designs & Packages.

Process Fired & Reformer Heaters

Specialising in high efficiency, modular designs leading to significantly reduced erection periods and costs. TR has, for over 40 years, designed, manufactured and built process fired heaters, reformer heaters and air preheat systems for some of the most prestigious petrochemical companies in the world.

Designs include Cabin heaters, Double radiation heaters and Vertical cylindrical heaters, amongst others, using either single or multiple combustion chambers depending on duty and process requirements. Incorporating low NOx burner technology as well as preheating systems TR achieves high efficiency while meeting strict quality and environmental regulations leading to quality finished products.

Heat Recovery Systems

TR has widespread experience in the design and supply of Heat Recovery Steam Generators, HRSG and Boilers.

The constant need to minimize fuel consumption in all types of plants is a key factor in our continuing development and the design of new technical solutions leading to improvements in energy efficiency.

TR can apply its technology to new equipment in the initial design stage or for the revamping of existing heaters and steam boilers with the execution of heat recovery installations, such as combustion air preheating both direct and indirect systems or added steam production, the solution selected is designed to meet the plant conditions and requirements.

Heat Exchangers & Aircoolers

TR provides proven designs for Shell & Tube, Double- Pipe, Multi-Tube and Air Cooled heat exchangers for High Pressure, severe and special services in power generation, refinery petrochemical and process industries.

TR as a member of HTRI (Heat Transfer Research Institute) since 1972 uses a combination of HTRI validated commercial Heat Transfer software as well proprietary design programs developed with the experience of over 3,500 successful installations.

Nuclear Equipment

TR is active in the design & supply of heat transfer equipment for nuclear power plants in both the international and national nuclear markets.

TR nuclear experience stretches over 40 years and includes the supply of HT equipment to all nuclear power plants in Spain. Equipment designs include surface condensers and cooling water system exchangers for Primary. Secondary and Essential Services.

TR quality system has been audited to international nuclear standards including ASME Section III Division I NCA-4000 ED.2007, IAEA GS-R-3(2006) and TR holds HAF 604 Certificate for the Design of Civil Nuclear Safety Equipment for P.R. China. (Original HAF604 Certificate) (HAF604 Certificate - English Translation).

Recent projects include designs for, Jules Horowitz experimental reactor (France) and Taishan NPP units 1 & 2 (China).

Solar Steam Generators

TR continues at the forefront of thermal solar technology with its solar receiver designs for solar power towers.

Continuously building on its unique experience in the field of high temperature solar energy dating back to the 1970´s, TR continues research & development in renewable energy technology.

TR supplies complete designs for Steam Generator Packages for parabolic trough and hybrid solar power plants, generating 140MWt steam for large utility companies active in renewable energy.

Sulphur Recovery Units

In this field, TR has worked in the conversion of Sulphur Recovery Units to Superclaus type implementing new reactors, as well as carrying out turn-key project to upgrade refineries operation scheme, improving capabilities to process crudes, maximizing middle distillates production and reducing their sulphur content.

Special Designs & Packages

TR maintains the compromise to render state-of-the-art packages, with their own proprietary designs and best available technology.

TR's highly trained engineers have the capacity to take on exciting new designs and challenges in order to provide our clients with solutions to non-standard or "First of a Kind" processes which require the ability to work "outside of the box".

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