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Since TR began its operations, it has designed and constructed approximately 80% of Spanish refining capacity, and in total has built approximately 300 refinery units throughout the world. TR experience in oil processing ranges from constructing complete refineries to modernizations and expansions of existing refining facilities, for both international customers and domestic companies.

The types of units designed and constructed include both basic refining units and conversion and octane enhancement units.

After 46 years of experience in the refining sector, TR has accumulated know-how sufficient not only to develop and optimize technologies of other licensors and customers, but also to develop complete and specific designs of its own for a large number of refining units. TR has one of the best refining process departments in the world, with around 200 professionals.

TR is today one of the leading engineering and construction companies in this sector in the world, by number of references, know-how and projects in which is currently participating.

From the very first refinery built for MARATHON OIL in 1963 (today operated by REPSOL-YPF) all along to the projects underway in Egypt and Turkey, the TR group has taken part in the design and construction of the following units:

Basic Refining

  • Crude oil distillation.
  • Saturated gas concentration.
  • Amine treatment.
  • Sulphur recovery.
  • Gasoline treatment.
  • LPG treatment.
  • Hydrotreating and fractionating of naphtha.
  • Kerosene treatment.
  • Desulfurizers.
  • Gas oil hydrotreatment.
  • Catalytic reforming.
  • Catalytic paraffin removal.
  • Acid water treatment.
  • Naphtha desisopentanizer.

Reduced Crude Conversion

  • Vacuum distillation.
  • Fluid Catalytic cracking/gas concentration.
  • Hydrocracking.
  • Hydrogen generation.
  • Viscoreduction.
  • Delayed coking.
  • Coke calcination.

Octane Number Enhancement Units

  • Alkylation.
  • Isomerization.
  • Oligomerization.
  • MTBE Production.

Other Refining and Treatment Units

  • Hydrofinishing of lubricants.
  • Olefin saturation.
  • C4s hydrotreatment.
  • Product storage facilities.
  • Semi-immersible platforms.
  • Lubricant blending plants.
  • Truck loading station.
  • Oil pipelines.
  • Auxiliary services and offsites for refineries.

Likewise, the TR group has wide experience in the design and construction of auxiliary services and offsites for refineries: effluent treatment plants, fire protection systems, boilers, storage yards, electric substations, flare systems, etc.

The large "know-how" acquired, together with the solid and experienced TR's process engineering department allows, not only to develop and optimize the technologies of other licensers and clients, but also executing entirely proprietary specific designs, especially in the area of refining in units such as:

  • Atmospheric distillation and vacuum distillation of crude oils.
  • Hydrotreatment of the various fractions.
  • Cracking.
  • Recovery and treatment of gases.
  • Hydrogen generat.

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