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Tecnicas Reunidas CanadaGas Treatment & Fractionation Plants

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TR provides to its clients an integrated solution in oil & gas ranging from upstream engineering to turnkey delivery of complex facilities in remote areas including onshore production, gas treatment and processing plants, pumping and compression stations and storage terminals.

TR offers solutions for the following facilities:

  • Gathering Systems and Pipelines.
  • Triphase Separation Systems (oil, gas, water).
  • Crude dehydration and desalting.
  • Secondary recovery with water injection or gas injection.
  • Production activation via gas-lift.
  • Assisted recovery through steam injection, carbon dioxide, polymers or surfactants.
  • Gas desulphurization and sweetening.
  • LPG recovery.
  • Storage, handling and shipping.
  • Effluent treatment.
  • Control systems, SCADA and Telemetry.

TR has contributed in the construction of the world's largest gas fractionation facility for Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia; Hawiyah Gas Plant Expansion Project and Ju'aymah Gas Fractionation Plant Expansion. The Hawiyah Gas Plant was the first Saudi Aramco Plant to process non-associated gas (gas produced directly from gas reservois and not a secondary product of oil production.

The expansion of the Ju’aymah Gas Fractionation Plant is part of the Hawiyah NGL Recovery Programme. The plant has a depentanizer column and associated storage, vessels, pumps, metering and controls necessary for transfer of a C6+ stream to petrochemical customers in Jubail.

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