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TR experience in Nuclear Power Plant projects

Extensive experience as Architect Engineer (including preliminary studies, project management, basic and detail engineering, procurement management, construction management, pre-operational test management and support to the Operator for the commissioning) for six 1000 MW nuclear units in Spain, comprising the following technologies:

  • PWR from Westinghouse.
  • BWR from General Electric.
  • PWR from Siemens.

Wide ranging experience from many years of providing maintenance and operation engineering and support services to all operating nuclear plants in Spain.

Extensive experience providing engineering services to many NPPs, with different basic designs in over 20 different countries, covering:

  • Light-water Reactors of American and European design, BWR, PWR and Russian VVER.
  • Gas-cooled Reactors, GCR.
  • Heavy-water Reactors, PHWR.
  • Graphite-moderated Boiling-water Reactors of Russian design, RBMK.
  • Advanced Light-water Reactors, ABWR, SBWR, ESBWR, AP-600 and EPP, SPWR, preparation of EUR documents, ...
  • Pebble Bed Modular Reactor, PBMR.

Extensive experience providing during many years engineering services for the design of radwaste management facilities in Spain and abroad.

Wide experience providing dismantling services for nuclear facilities.

Other TR strong points for nuclear projects

  • Extensive experience as EPC contractor for over 1000 industrial plants in over 50 different countries.
  • Proven capability in engineering, project management, procurement management, construction, test and commissioning management.
  • Financial strength.

TR has provided engineering, equipment supply and/or support services to many projects and NPPs in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, USA, Italy, Finland, Switzerland, Turkey, former Republic of Yugoslavia, Taiwan and to all VVER and RMBK NPPs in Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Lithuania and Russia.

TR has also participated in the engineering and licensing of some of the advanced reactor designs (Generation III and III+).

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