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TR has over 40 years experience in Heat Transfer Equipment design, during which time we have developed our internal design, QA procedures and technological knowledge giving us the capacity and the experience required for the design and supply of Heat Transfer equipment in both Nuclear and Defense sectors of industry.

TR provides thermal and mechanical design to the industry, manufacturing at approved/qualified manufacturing shops worldwide in countries as geographically varied as Egypt, KSA, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, UK and Spain.

TR experience, developed by serving some of the most prestigious and demanding clients in the Power, Petrochemical and Refining Industry, is supported by references in the design and supply of over 5,000 equipment units, of which over 1,000 units were supplied in the last five years alone. In particular TR has designed and/or supplied equipment to all Nuclear Power Plants built in Spain, numbering over 160 Heat Exchangers of all types and service, where we have recently been requested to supply some replacement units for items being decommissioned after completing 30 years of successful operation. TR most recent and current project lists include equipment design and/or supply for Nuclear Plants in Spain (Vandellós II NPP), Slovakia (Bohnice NPP) France (Flamanville NPP and Jules Horowitz experimental reactor) and China (Taishan 1&2 NPP).

TR Quality System has been independently audited by our Nuclear Industry clients to internationally recognised nuclear standards including UNE73401:95, ASME III Division 1 NCA 4000 and IAEA GS-R-3 (2006).

TR holds HAF604 registration for the Design of Civil Nuclear Safety Equipment in the P.R. China and it is one of a small and privileged group of companies which have successfully undergone the rigorous audit process for registration with the Nuclear Safety Regulatory Department of State Council in the P.R. of China, for the Design of Nuclear Safety Equipment. As a HAF604 Certificate holder, TR is qualified under the HAF604 regulation, for the design of critical safety and technology systems for civil nuclear equipment within the P.R. of China. Certificate HAF604 for Imported Civil Nuclear Safety Equipment Design (Chinese) (English translation).

Thus TR is uniquely positioned to provide our Chinese nuclear clients with innovative and economical critical safety system equipment.

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