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Tecnicas Reunidas CanadaSolar Power Plants

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During the 70’s, TR initiated its activities in the field of solar power participating in international projects, supported by its broad experience in the field of heat transfer in critical elements and efficient electricity generation.

TR provides services as EPC contractor for Thermal Solar projects. Our experience in power generation projects of all kind is a success guarantee for thermal solar projects, both in Central Tower and Parabolic Through technology, where high efficiency water-steam cycles are required.0

TR broad experience with the Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF), commonly used in conventional systems in refining and petrochemical applications, gives also an important added value to TR in this field.

TR can also provide its own technology for the key heat transfer equipment, through its Heat Transfer division (Tecnical). Tecnical, with more than 40 years experience and more than 3.000 heat exchangers, boilers and furnaces successfully supplied, has its own design for both central tower solar receiver and the HTF -steam generator in parabolic through application. HTF-molten salt heat exchangers may also be supplied for the heat storage systems.

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