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Tecnicas Reunidas CanadaTreatment and/or Recovery of Biomass and Waste

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TR has broad experience in the execution of electrical and/or thermal generation projects including projects with unconventional fuels such as Biomass (forest waste, olive trees, etc) or Solid Urban Waste.

The experience acquired in the execution of these projects enables us to apply the latest standards in efficiency and fulfilment of the most demanding environmental criteria. These, combined with our broad experience in all kinds of electricity generation plants using conventional fuels, enable us to define a framework of solutions with optimal performance and high availability.

Within the field of biofuels, TR combines its leadership in the field of refinery processes with the development of intense know how in biofuel, bioethanol and especially biodiesel production processes. As a result, TR has pioneered in Spain the execution of biodiesel production plant projects, establishing a reference position with three turnkey plants installed.

TR does not condition the choice of technology and main equipment, which, together with the experience obtained with the various technologists, allows defining the optimal solution for each project, mutually agreed with the customer maintaining the integrity and reliability of the turnkey installation.

In addition to strict quality compliance of products and reliability of the solutions, projects apply different multifeed technologies (suitable for processing different types of oil such as sunflower, rapeseed, soya, etc.).

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